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About Carol

Carol D. O’Dell is the author of Mothering Mother: A Daughter’s Humorous and Heartbreaking Memoir, about her experience caring for her mother through Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and coronary diseases. A creative writing teacher and inspirational speaker, Carol is often featured at spiritual retreats and conferences of caregivers and health care and geriatric professionals.

This blog will include stories and lessons from Carol’s experience in caring for her mom while raising her own family.

Carol's book on caregiving

Carol's book on caregiving

While this blog is supported by Dakim Brain Fitness, it is meant as an opportunity to share information about this important area of health care. Dakim wants to help everyone understand more about brain fitness and what they can do to help themselves, their parents and others they know.

What this means is they asked me to blog about my experiences and story.

I’m not blogging to promote their company or products, but about how it affects families and how to cope.

About Dakim

In the four short years Dakim has been around, brain fitness for seniors has experienced phenomenal growth. Doctors, scientists, senior living providers, and seniors themselves are realizing the benefits that rigorous ongoing cognitive stimulation has on performing everyday tasks, job performance, enjoying social interactions, overall mood, and of course, on preventing or slowing down the development of dementia. And in those 4 years, Dakim has become the leader of the brain fitness-for-seniors movement, and we’re proud to say Dakim BrainFitness(TM) has become the #1 brand of brain fitness among American senior living providers.

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Brain Fitness for Seniors blog, supported by Dakim

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